Our small free software consultancy is located in Strasbourg, France. Thanks to our field experience and involvement in many communities, we offer a wide range of services.

By calling us for consulting, you'll ensure we leverage free software to solve your problems. We are not tied to any software vendor and we only recommend what we have tried and tested. We don't believe in any silver bullet and we rather choose the most appropriate tool for your case. If the closest fit is not a perfect one, we'll help you adapt it to your situation.

Are you a software engineering team? Talk to us! We can help you improve your developer experience or reduce your technical debt. An extra pair of hands to finish your milestone in time? We can do that too. Sanity check of the chosen software stack or finding the missing piece of the puzzle? Sure, we're there for that too.

As for your technical writing and technical translation needs, we've got you covered as well. Whether you want us to do the writing or to give a hand with setting up the infrastructure, be it for a book project or for software localization, we'll be happy to step in.